Discover how companies across the dental industry and beyond have found success with Doctor Distillery.

Doctor Distillery quickly established a dominant online presence for my first-time dental CE event. Within the first two months of the campaign, I was already coming up higher in searches for Dental CE than even the ADA! I feel so good about my partnership with Doctor Distillery and what its team did to make my event highly visible. I greatly respect and appreciate what they’ve accomplished on my behalf.

- Beverly Oviedo, HK Allison Sustainability

Other sources we used previously were never capable of generating qualified leads, much less demos. Doctor Distillery's lead information is even loaded into our CRM in real time to expedite our sales response. As a result, Doctor Distillery has become an invaluable source of branding and lead generation for our business.

- Paul Intlekofer, MMG Fusion

Our campaigns with Doctor Distillery have been so successful that I would spend money out of my own pocket to keep them going. It is the dream of every salesperson to be so busy with inbound hot leads that you never have to think about prospecting or cold calling. Our sales have increased by more than 60% since working with Doctor Distillery.

- Charles Brown, Comprehensive Finance

Money well spent! ROI is a no-brainer! Doctor Distillery consistently provides high-quality lead generation in our target market with as much as, if not more than, 100% increase over other marketing methods we've tried. Doctor Distillery's results have been intoxicating and continue to help keep QDP on top.

- Patrick McCright, Quality Dental Plan

Because it was a new tactic, I was skeptical. I was not disappointed! Our foundation attracted more interested parties and confirmed participants than it had using any external marketing tactic since the foundation's inception in 1998. If you're looking to expand your business or non-profit, give Naomi and Doctor Distillery a try. You won't be disappointed!

- Daniel A. Bobrow, American Dental Corporation

I have not seen anyone else in the industry provide this caliber of lead generation that Doctor Distillery has been able to. Money well spent!

- Danielle Hyman, DenMat

Doctor Distillery has been a great partner for helping us increase our digital reach and conversions. We were able to achieve our goal without a lot of heavy lifting on our end.

- Amy Holmes, Kulzer

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