The Inside Scoop on Contextual Marketing

There’s a lot of hype around contextual marketing today, and at first glance, it certainly seems legit. Contextual marketing is an advertising model that helps dental marketers serve their online dentist... Read full post

What NOT to Do When Marketing to Dentists Online

Shifting your marketing budget to favor more online opportunities is a wise investment these days. After all, digital marketing efforts are far more targeted, trackable and timely than many of the traditional... Read full post

How to Surprise and Delight Your Online Dentist Prospects

Your marketing strategy doesn’t stop when you hit the publish button or launch a new campaign. The process you have in place for following up with online dentist leads can actually make or break the success... Read full post

Full-Funnel Marketing: A Real-Life Success Story

Full-funnel marketing is the concept of combining both branding and lead generation efforts into one comprehensive strategy, recognizing that there wouldn’t be enough new customers at the bottom of the... Read full post

Why You Need to Shift to Full-Funnel Marketing

As a dental marketer, you’ve probably been focusing on metrics like click through rates, cost per acquisition and lead attributions. After all, you have executives and shareholders to answer to. So when was... Read full post

3 Ways Dental Marketers Can Remove the Frustration From Online Advertising

Advertising has always been about getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. But in today’s fast paced digital world, how are dental marketers supposed to do this? It’s all about... Read full post

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